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Adding an Event

When you go to the editor that you will use to enter events (JCE Editor), it is easy to feel overwhelmed because there are a lot of buttons on the screen.

Don't Panic

For the most part, these buttons are there to be used by those who wish to use them and to be ignored by those who choose to ignore them.  If you wish to format your event in a more fancy way, you certainly can.  Either use the Help button at the top of the group of buttons (the blue question mark) or look at the button reference at the end of this page.

Uploading Flyers: If you want to upload a flyer to use in your event, you will need to understand a bit more.  In your Event text, type in something like "Click here to see flyer".  Then go back and highlight it and then press the Insert/Edit file button (this one ==> filemanager).

Once you have pressed this button, you will get this screen:


Above the right hand pane, you will see this icon: upload (to the left of the help button).  This is the upload button.  When you press this, you get another window like this:


If you press the 'Add' button, you will get a dialog box that will allow you to navigate around your computer to locate the flyer you wish to upload it and then do so.  Then, in the original window shown above, you'll be able to choose the newly uploaded flyer from the list and then insert it into your event text.  (You'll be asked if you want to substitute the file name for the text, but you'll probably want to keep your "Click here for flyer" text.)

Important note:  If you want to publicize your event well, you'll want to use a PDF (Adobe Acrobat document).  This is -- by far -- the most widely used format for document reading and can be read by virtually anyone visiting the Region 2 website (regardless of whether they're using a Windows, Mac or Linux operating system).

If you do not have a PDF writer, there is a free one available for public use.  Click here to download "CutePDF"*.  This software, once installed, works as just another printer -- only instead of printing to your printer, it 'prints' to a PDF file.  (*Region 2 neither endorses nor is affiliated with CutePDF, but provides this information as a service to its members.)

Below, you will find a reference on all of the other buttons (some of these are NOT on the Region 2 website) available to your when adding your event.  Good luck!

Name / Description


Advanced Code Editor
Code Editor (HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript) with syntax highlighting,
Advanced Code Editor
Advanced Link
Advacned Link editor. Includes Joomla! link selection.
Advanced Link
Creates anchor links
Makes selected text bold.
Shortcut Key - CTRL+B
Bullet List Bullet List
Character Map Character Map
Clipboard Actions Clipboard Actions
Code Cleanup Code Cleanup
Directionality Directionality
Emotions Emotions
File Manager File Manager
Font BackColour Font BackColour
Font ForeColour Font ForeColour
Font Select Font Select
Font Size Select Font Size Select
Format Select Format Select
Fullscreen Fullscreen
Help Help
Horizontal Rule Horizontal Rule
Basic HTML editor
Basic Image insert
Image Manager
Advanced image insert with file browser
Image Manager
Image Manager Extended
Advanced image insert with file browser,image thumbnailing, resizing, rotating, image popups and tooltips.
Image Manager Extended
Indent Indent
Italicises selcted text
Shortcut Key: CTRL+I
Justify Center Justify Center
Justify Full Justify Full
Justify Left Justify Left
Justify Right Justify Right
Layers Layers
Basic Link insert
Media Manager Media Manager
New Document
Clears the editor contents to create a new document
New Document
Non-Breaking Non-Breaking
Numbered List
Creates a numbered (ordered) list
Numbered List
Outdent Outdent

Paste from Word - Cleans HTML of Word specific before pasting.
Paste as Text - Removes all formatting before pasting.
Select All - Selects all editor contents.

Preview Preview
Print Print
Read More Read More
Redo Redo
Remove Format Remove Format
Search Replace Search Replace
Spell Checker Spell Checker
StrikeThrough StrikeThrough
Style Select
Select list of Joomla! template css styles.
Applied to selected block element or span.
Style Select
Edit an elements styles
Subscript Subscript
Superscript Superscript
Tables Tables
Template Manager Template Manager
Underline Underline
Undo Undo
Unlink Unlink
Visual Aid Visual Aid
Visual Characters Visual Characters


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